Tarzan’s Revenge – The latest and greatest of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ famous adventures!

In this classic flick, Glenn Morris and Eleanor Holm continue on the remarkable Tarzan series. The original Tarzan character was incredibly well done!


*Spoiler Alert* Plot – In this classic film, on an expedition to Africa to capture animals that would then be sold to a zoo, Eleanor Reed and her parents Roger and Penny with her fiance Nevin. Eleanor is then pursued by Ben Alleu Bey who wants Eleanor to become part of his harem. Ben Alleu Bey then follows her.

Our hero Tarzan follows them while both releasing the animals while seducing Eleanor away from both Nevin and Bey. Nevin is infuriated by Eleanor’s passion for Tarzan, fueling an unsuccessful attack in an attempt to kill him. Nevin is captured, but Eleanor convinces Tarzan to let him go before committing herself fully to Tarzan.



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