Oliver Twist – Please Sir, I Want Some More

I think it can be agreed that this version of Oliver Twist isn’t the best. It’s missing some key story points from the book and the acting is mixed. This low-budget film could have done better with different casting and perhaps a different director.

What’s interesting about this film is that it’s the first version of Oliver Twist to have sound. It also started a rash of other Dickens’ films in Hollywood; and over the next few years movies such as Great Expectations and David Copperfield were released.

Oliver Twist; the classic story of a poor orphan boy in Victorian England. Starting off his dreary life in a workhouse, he is sent away for having the audacity to ask for more gruel. Quickly falling in with a gang of youthful thieves, including the Artful Dodger, Oliver’s new home is a dangerous one. The gang is run by Fagin and menaced by Bill Sykes, Fagin’s cohort. Throughout, Oliver’s good heart and innocent character prove his greatest allies.



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